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Digital Marketing services at convenient price

         Digital Marketing service

 Hello i am Abir and i am an digital marketer, i am here to help you with SEO optimization which incudes  various kind of services within your convenient price. 

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Here are the list of services available:

Article witing Service

About This Gig

 I am a professional article writer.

Are you looking for the perfect article for your website or blog? I can help you to get that with the light of my 5 years experience. I dedicate ample time to the project in order to provide the best quality.

What can you expect from my gig?

·        100% original content

·        No Plagiarism

·        On-Time delivery

·        Unique and engaging content

·        No grammatical errors

·        Unique and engaging content

·        SEO Optimization

Thank you

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About This Gig

Are you looking for some attractive and unique Infographic?

Bingo! You are in the right place.

I will design the most unique infographic which will easily draw the attention of your targeted audience and will make complicated information more understandable.

Infographic also help to boost your brand value.

I am offering 7 type of Infographic:

-         List

-         Map

-         Versus

-         Flowchart

-         Data Visualization

-         Timeline

-         Visual Article.

Let me know which type you want.

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                                            LinkedIN Lead Generation

About This Gig


I think you are looking for LinkedIn lead generation expert, right?

I am Abir and I am expert in lead generation, just provide me your targeted industry, title, and location. And I will generate leads for you in the most efficient manner.

You will get

-         First and last name of the person

-         Company Name

-         Verified E-Mail

-         Job title

-         Phone no

-         LinkedIn URL

Thanks for reviewing my gig.

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                                                     Resume writing service

About this Gig

Are you looking for a professional Resume writer?

No Worries! You are at the right place.

I will write professional and well design resume for you, which I believe will help you to find your dream job. An applicant has only less than 10 second to draw the attention of recruiter. But no worries I will make your resume eye catching and will highlight your skills, experience and educational background that will make you noticed by the HR department.

I am very much confident that you will be 100% satisfied, so choose the package which is appropriate for you.

Thank you!

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                                                              Social Media Post 

About this Gig

I will design attractive and unique social media post for you.

Social media is the biggest platform for marketers, through social media you can reach to your targeted people very easily but first you must make them stop scrolling by post something attractive. And I will help you to do so by designing some attractive post for you.

I can design post for any type of business just let me know yours.

Thank you!

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                                                      Article/Blog to videos

About This Gig

Hello! I’M Abir and I will convert your blog, text, or article into videos.

It is difficult to get attention from people with just article because of their change in habituation due to social media, people do not read much they prefer or enjoy watching videos.

Also, just posting article or blog is just not enough to expand your business you need to post attractive videos on social media to get more attention from people.

And I am here to create to attractive videos for you.

What you will get in my gig?

-         Blog, text, or article to videos.

-         Copy right free photos and videos with background music

-         Text animation

-         Robotic voice over.

So, without any delay get in touch with me to have attractive videos.

Thank you

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                       Keyword research and compititor analysis

About this gig

Keyword research is the most important thing for to bring your website in the google ranking. It is very important to find the high search volume with low competitive keyword

Additionally, competitor analysis is required for to know what you should do to bring your site in the No.1 position of google ranking.

What you can expect in my gig?

-         Low competitive keyword with high search volume.

-         Competitor Analysis.

-         On time delivery

So, get in touch and get your work done.

Thank you

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